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Welcome to Love, Nick Robinson, your newest fansite dedicated to the talented American actor, Nick Robinson! You might recognize Nick from his roles in "Melissa & Joey", "Jurassic World", "Love, Simon", "Everything, Everything, and more. His most recent project is a Hulu series, "A Teacher". This site aims to update you with all the latest news, photos, and media on Nick’s career. Please feel free to take a look around the site and be sure to visit again soon!

Happy 27th Birthday Nick Robinson!

written by Emily on March 22, 2022

Today is is Nick Robinson’s 27th birthday! Happy Birthday Nick! Thank you for bringing happiness into our lives with all of your work. I have loved following your career with this site. I can’t wait to see everything you do in the coming year. I hope you spend the day with all your loved ones. Here’s to another year of supporting the amazing person and actor you are!

To celebrate Nick’s birthday at Love, Nick Robinson, similar to last year, I have added additional outtakes from the photoshoot Nick did a few years ago to promote Love, Simon. Thank you all for supporting this site! I will try to get the site caught up soon!

Nick Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live! (September 29)

written by Emily on September 30, 2021

Nick talks about going to prom with LL Cool J’s daughter, his girlfriend’s obsession with Janet Jackson, winning a massage chair at one of her online auctions, and his new show “Maid” on Netflix.

‘Maid’ Episode Stills

written by Emily on September 17, 2021

Hello Nick fans! I have updated the gallery with HQ episode stills from Nick’s upcoming show Maid. The show releases on October 1st on Netflix. If more new stills come out, I’ll add them straight to the gallery. Enjoy!

(Video) MAID | Official Trailer

written by Emily on September 17, 2021

One young mother’s incredible story of survival and resilience as she navigates the world of poverty, abuse and redefining her worth against all odds. Inspired by the New York Times Best-selling memoir by Stephanie Land, and from the Producers of Shameless and Promising Young Woman.

(Video) MAID | Official Teaser

written by Emily on August 26, 2021

Inspired by the New York Times Best-selling memoir about one woman’s incredible story of hard work, low pay, and a mother’s will to survive. Starring Margaret Qualley, from the Producers of Shameless and Promising Young Woman.

Love, Victor: 2.10 ‘Close Your Eyes’ Screen Captures

written by Emily on June 27, 2021

Hello Nick fans! Nick made a small guest appearance in the finale episode “Close Your Eyes” in Love, Victor. I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the episode. Enjoy!

Disney’s “From Your Car” Drive-in Series Presents ‘A Teacher’

written by Emily on June 27, 2021

Back on June 7, Nick attended Disney’s “From Your Car” Drive-in Series which was presenting Nick’s show ‘A Teacher.’ The event took place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Nick’s costar, Kate Mara was in attendance as well as show creator and author of the book, Hannah Fidell. It was great to see Nick out! I’m sorry for the delay in getting these added.

‘A Teacher’ Episode 10 Episode Stills & Screen Captures

written by Emily on December 30, 2020

I have updated the gallery with two episode stills and HD screen captures from the final episode of A Teacher. You can check them out in the gallery!

(Video) Nick Robinson, Kate Mara and Hannah Fidell Break Down ‘A Teacher’s’ Last Scene

written by Emily on December 30, 2020

SPOILER ALERT: Do not watch if you haven’t finished the full season of “A Teacher,” streaming now on FX on Hulu.

The finale of FX on Hulu’s provocative limited series “A Teacher” begins 10 years after the penultimate episode, in which it became clear that both Eric (Nick Robinson) and Claire (Kate Mara) were broken in the aftermath of their illegal sexual relationship, when Eric was Claire’s student. During a conversation for Variety‘s inaugural FYC Fest, the show’s creator, Hannah Fidell, Mara and Robinson discussed the finale, and its riveting final scene.

A Teacher’ presents is a disturbing examination of abuse but the last scene managed to provide some form of catharsis for the abused Eric. He finally got to confront his abuser with the damage her actions caused.

Robinson called it “a moment of major catharsis” for Eric. The character now has, “the benefit of time and distance from the relationship, to really lay out to her in no uncertain terms like what this was,” Robinson said. “And what this did to him.”

“I think it is profoundly empowering what Eric says to her in that last scene,” Fidell agreed. “In that he realizes in that moment that he has the power to walk away — and he does.”

Nick Robinson Was Done Playing a Teen

written by Emily on December 29, 2020

The Cut did an interview with Nick about A Teacher. Read it below.

THE CUT – You probably know Nick Robinson best from the 2018 hit Love Simon, a rom-com in which he plays a closeted high-school kid who grapples with his identity while falling in love with a classmate. After the film, the 25-year-old — who has played teenage characters for a decade — told Ellen DeGeneres that he was done playing younger roles.

But then A Teacher came along with a very different high-school story. Written and directed by Hannah Fidell, the show follows an English teacher (Kate Mara) who begins a sexual relationship with her 17-year-old student, Eric, played by Robinson.

It’s adapted from Fidell’s 2013 film of the same name, but while the original film ends when the relationship ends, the series takes it several steps further, exploring consequences for the abuser and the long-term trauma experienced by the survivor. As such, we see the former Disney star take on much darker material than ever before. The Cut spoke to Robinson about playing a male survivor, all of those queasy sex scenes, and how Me Too made A Teacher possible.

What drew you to this role, especially given that you’d sworn off of teen roles?

I was pretty hesitant, but there were a lot of interesting concepts to be explored through the lens of this relationship. With Eric’s character, specifically, we put a lens on male survivors of sexual abuse, and how there could be a double standard there, as well as the tricky nature of consent. It felt like a complicated and timely story.

You were very good in the role — convincing to the point where I found it upsetting to watch! How did you prepare for it? Were you speaking with survivors? Have you seen something like this play out in your life?

It never happened to me in my life, thankfully. I was in touch with a psychologist who worked a lot with male survivors of sexual trauma. He spoke to me at length about his experience treating these survivors, and the ways that they cope with the abuse, and how that’s oftentimes very different from female survivors.

He was saying that even in the cases of extreme abuse, oftentimes male survivors would not see themselves as a victim in the narrative of the relationship until years later — sometimes a decade or more. Then they would really start to examine the relationship with a more critical lens.

You mentioned Me Too earlier, and the director, Hannah Fidell, says that she didn’t think this show would have been made without it. I think everyone — perhaps men in particular — learned a lot during that time. I’m curious, had you been offered this role pre-Me Too, would you have accepted it? And did you learn anything during the movement that lends itself to a job like this?

I can’t really say what I would have done if this role had come around if Me Too hadn’t happened yet, but I can say that, yes, absolutely, I think I, along with most of my peers in this industry, learned a lot from the Me Too movement.

And I think to a certain extent it informed Eric as a character in the show; there’s a culture around male victims of sexual abuse. There’s a high five and a slap on the back. You see that a little bit when Eric is in college; he uses the relationship as a kind of social currency. But I think more than anything, it brought about a culture that made a show like A Teacher possible, and I think from a studio perspective, it brought about a realization and a reckoning that these stories need to be told.

I keep thinking about that last scene between Eric and Claire when they meet up 10 years after their relationship ends. It’s painful to watch because Eric is not okay — he’s still carrying the baggage of the relationship, whereas Claire has a husband and a family and a seemingly perfect life. When I watched it, I wasn’t sure if it was satisfying. Having grown close to the character, how did you feel about it?

Eric, I guess in particular, couldn’t quite find closure. But at the same time, I think that his confrontation with Claire hopefully brought about a type of closure. And you don’t get to see how these characters are sort of outside the context of this story. I’d like to think that Eric actually lives a pretty happy, normal life. I think when he went back to the school and saw Claire, there were a lot of triggers that I think maybe made the wound fresh. But I think he’s moved on.
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