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Hi, everybody! My name is Elliott, and I am the new owner of nick-robinson.net! I’ve been a fan of Nick’s and a visitor of this site for years, and I’m honoured to be taking over. I’d like to thank Holls for trusting me enough to sell me this website. You can also view my other websites at 033092.xyz.

My first focus on this website is getting it up-to-date with everything on Nick’s career, and going through the gallery to see what needs updated! Please be patient, as it’ll take me a few weeks to get this site fully up-to-date on everything, but I’m excited to get it there.

28 Dec, 2020 By Holls • Comments Off on Site for Sale Site

Nick-Robinson.net is for sale. Comes with all the content on here. Asking price Is $50 (this is what i paid for the site as well as the recent domain renewal). You will have to move the site to your own hosting. If interested please contact me at this email address with the subject line “Nick Robinson Site”. Serious inquiries only.

07 Mar, 2019 By Jess • Comments Off on “Native Son” Official Trailer Native Son, Videos

Based on the Richard Wright novel, Native Son is the tale of an African-American man in Chicago who is hired to be the driver a wealthy businessman. Premieres April 6 on HBO.

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‘Love, Simon’ Star Nick Robinson Falls for a Stripper in ‘Krystal’ Trailer (Exclusive)
“I have an announcement. I’m in love!”

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT – Nick Robinson is going from butterflies in his stomach and first kisses in Love, Simon to a very different kind of crush: In Krystal, he plays 18-year-old Taylor Ogburn, a sheltered Southern boy who falls for an “ex-hooker-stripper-junkie-alcoholic” with a heart of gold (played by Rosario Dawson). In order to woo her, Taylor starts attending AA meetings — despite never having had a sip of alcohol in his life.

ET has the exclusive trailer for the R-rated comedy, which includes madcap wheelchair escapes, brunch brawls and sage advice from none other than Kathy Bates. Krystal was directed by William H. Macy and co-stars Bates, Felicity Huffman, Tip “T.I.” Harris and The Flash‘s Grant Gustin. “Chicks like her don’t fall for guys like you. You’re a good guy. Chicks marry good guys. They fall in love with bad boys,” Gustin’s big bro advises Taylor, to which he replies, “I can be bad.”

Krystal is Macy’s third feature film, written by Will Aldis and produced by Dan Keston and Rachel Winter (who is Oscar-nominated for Dallas Buyers Club). The movie opens in theaters on April 13.

20 Mar, 2018 By Jess • Comments Off on “Love, Simon” Sydney Photocall Events, Photos

Nick attended the Love, Simon photocall with co-star Katherine Langford, in Sydney Australia (March 20).

18 Mar, 2018 By Jess • Comments Off on “Love, Simon” Australian Premiere Events

Nick is in Australia promoting Love, Simon! He attended the Love, Simon Australian premiere in Sydney, Australia (March 18).