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Nick Robinson Archives, formerly Nick Robinson Fan, is your first and largest source for everything about Nick Robinson. You may know him for his leadering role as 'Simon Spier' in Love, Simon or more recently as 'Eric Walker' on the FX limited series A Teacher. Here you'll find all the latest news, videos, interviews, high quality photos and more.
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A Teacher (Season 1)

Episode #1
November 10, 2020 • Directed by: Hannah Fidell

32-year-old Claire Wilson starts her new job as a teacher at a local high school in a small Texas town. Despite getting a fresh start and becoming acquainted with her students and fellow teachers, Claire is unsatisfied in her marriage and sex life, as well as the fact that she and her husband Matt have been unable to have a child since they were married. She befriends one of her students, a popular high-school senior named Eric Walker, who is captain of the school’s soccer team, has many friends, and has recently broken up with his girlfriend Allison. Claire reveals her unhappy relationship with her husband and her other personal problems to Eric, who in turn tells her about his own family’s problems which include working an after-school job to keep up with the bills and helping his single mother look after his two younger brothers. Claire agrees to tutor Eric for the SAT. As their friendship grows, Claire feels drawn to Eric and Eric begins to develop feelings for his teacher.

Episode #2
November 10, 2020 • Directed by: Hannah Fidell

Eric attends a party at his friend Logan’s house, where he hooks up with his ex-girlfriend Allison, but the party is busted by the cops. Noticing that the cop collecting his information is Claire’s brother Nate, Eric is able to persuade him to call Claire to pick him up; Claire gets him to let Eric’s citation slide. Matt spends his and Claire’s savings on music equipment, creating tension between the couple. Instead of their regular SAT study session on Saturday, Claire takes Eric to tour the University of Texas, where they are invited to a frat party by Logan’s brother Cody, where Eric and Claire almost kiss. Claire ignores a text from Eric, but accepts his Instagram follow request. At school, Eric kisses Claire.

Episode #3
November 10, 2020 • Directed by: Hannah Fidell

Claire, angry at Eric for kissing her, refuses to tutor him, but he convinces her to continue. While hanging out with Logan and Cody, Cody asks about Claire, causing Eric to lie to protect both of them. Eric asks Allison to go to the school’s homecoming dance with him, which she accepts, while Logan takes their mutual friend Josh’s sister Mary, angering Josh. Matt begins to pressure Claire to try in vitro fertilization to start their family, which creates further tension. After Eric skips the tutoring session, Claire confronts him about it at the dance. He admits he dreams about her and cannot control himself around her. Claire tells him to go back inside, but after sharing longing glances at each other, Eric and Claire leave together and have sex in the back of Claire’s car.

Episode #4
November 17, 2020 • Directed by: Gillian Robespierre

After having sex for the first time, Eric and Claire hook up once more, where the pair set ground rules about their relationship, including confidentiality and only hooking up on Mondays. Matt notices Claire acting strange, but she allays his suspicions by initiating sex with him. Eric is confronted by Logan, Josh, and Allison as to why he left homecoming early, and all three see that he is lying. Logan expresses feelings for Mary to Eric. Claire goes out for drinks with her teacher friend Kathryn, where she notices a hickey on Claire’s neck. Claire sends Eric a scandalous photo and, breaking their rules, schedules a hookup with Eric; Eric, who is babysitting his brothers while his mother is on a date, leaves the kids in the care of a neighborhood girl. Eric tells Claire he genuinely cares for her and wants more than just hookups, and Claire reciprocates those feelings. Eric returns home where his mother is there, revealing his younger brother burned himself while he was gone. Despite this, he psyches himself up in the mirror in the same way he did after hooking up with Claire for the first time.

Episode #5
November 24, 2020 • Directed by: Andrew Neel

Eric and Claire spend a weekend at a rented ranch house to celebrate Eric’s birthday, where they bond over their respective childhoods growing up missing a parent. Eric is upset that Claire expects the relationship to end, and laments that their relationship has to be secret; they profess their love for each other and have sex. Claire goes to a bar where Matt and his band are performing their first gig. Kathryn steals alcohol from the bar and drinks it outside with Claire, where she deduces Claire is having an affair. Coerced by Kathryn, Claire reveals she is having her affair with Eric. Despite Claire’s attempts to justify their relationship, Kathryn tells Claire she has no choice but to report her and leaves, leaving Claire panicked.

Episode #6
December 1, 2020 • Directed by: Gillian Robespierre

The report is filed, and police show up at Eric’s house, where he tells them everything. He meets with Logan and Josh, but storms out. Claire reveals her affair to Matt, who seeks counsel from Claire’s brother, Nate. While heartbroken and angry, Matt declares to Claire his intention to save their marriage. While eating dinner, Claire abruptly leaves to meet with Eric, who suggests they run away together, which she accepts. At a motel, Claire receives a call from Nate who says the police may look at their runaway as a kidnapping. Claire and Eric have drunk sex, but after seeing missed calls and texts from Logan, Josh, and his mother, Eric leaves the motel in the middle of the night. He arrives the next morning where he tearfully reunites with his mother. Awaking to find Eric gone, Claire drives back to town and enters the police department.

Episode #7
December 8, 2020 • Directed by: Andrew Neel

After starting college at UT, Cody’s frat Omega Kappa Beta suggests freshman Eric rush for them. One of the members brings up Eric and Claire’s relationship, where it’s revealed that Claire had been sent to county jail. At another party, Eric is in bed with a female student when she tells Eric she recognizes him from the teacher scandal. While having lunch with Cody, Eric discusses Claire’s situation and shows regret for convincing her to skip town with him. Back in his dorm, Eric runs a Google search on Claire and is updated by his mom that Claire will soon be released. Eric’s mom tries to convince him to seek counseling, but Eric refuses to talk about it and leaves in frustration. He then goes to see the female student he hooked up with, only for her to apologize to him for bringing up the teacher scandal, revealing that she is a feminist, and she wants to take things slow with him since he is a victim. Eric is frustrated by her suggestion and pushes her away, telling her that she is his booty call and nothing else. During Omega Kappa Beta’s pledge, the members bring out an exotic dancer named Karen who teases Eric with teacher comments. Eric uncomfortably runs out of the pledge to his dorms and passes by Micah in the hallway who asks if Eric would want to try shrooms. As the two engage in a conversation where they discuss about their own personal issues, Eric reveals to Micah that he still has feelings for Claire and he misses her terribly.

Episode #8
December 15, 2020 • Directed by: Hannah Fidell

Claire is picked up by Nate and her dad Wyatt from county jail, and Wyatt addresses their estrangement but proposes to be closer with Claire. Revealing that Matt had filed for divorce, Nate allows Claire to stay over at his house and encourages her to look for a job soon. Nate’s wife Lisa meets Claire at the house, but is uncomfortable around her and makes clear of boundaries when Lisa’s children greet Claire with a hug. At a store in hopes of landing a job, Claire is recognized by Logan’s mother Victoria who blatantly makes it obvious of Claire’s scandal, calling her a “sexual predator”. At home, Claire runs a Google search on herself and is frustrated even more when Nate and Lisa discuss Claire’s unfortunate job hunt. Lisa leaves in annoyance and Claire expresses her frustration to Nate in which Nate rationally counters her argument. On her bed, Claire receives a text message from Eric to meet up, and she reluctantly allows him to visit her. The two confess their regrets and rekindles over lost time, but Claire puts a halt to everything between them and warns Eric to stay away and move on with his life without her, revealing that this would jeopardize her probation. A devastated Eric leaves for good, and Claire packs up her luggage to stay with her dad instead of Nate’s home because of her problems with him and his wife Lisa.

Episode #9
December 22, 2020 • Directed by: Hannah Fidell

Claire has begun working in her father Wyatt’s retail shipping store, and begins using Tinder, hooking up with her date. She finalizes her divorce with Matt, who expresses his anger at her. Claire again hooks up with her date, asking him to hit her; he does so, eventually causing her to bleed. Claire leaves after he refuses to continue hitting her. She later becomes angry at Wyatt for trying to help her, but he encourages her to see her situation through. Eric has been put on academic probation, and is taken to dinner by his roommate Ryan. Eric remains at the bar where he encounters a bachelorette party, who attempt to get their single friend Chloe to connect with Eric. After the party leaves, Eric dances with Chloe, who breaks down in tears; she explains that she recently got out of a long-term relationship that she realized was unhealthy. Those words having resonated with him, Eric goes home the next morning, admitting to his mom that he needs help.

Episode #9
December 29, 2020 • Directed by: Hannah Fidell

Ten years later, Claire has remarried and has two daughters, living in Houston. Eric leads therapeutic wilderness retreats, and makes the two-day drive back to Austin for his high school reunion. Eric encounters Claire in a grocery store, leaving them both shaken. At the reunion, Eric reunites with Logan and Josh; he also reunites with Alison, and the pair hook up in her hotel room. Claire texts Eric asking to meet for lunch. At the restaurant, the conversation is strained, and Eric soon reveals the acrimonious feelings he now has for Claire, saying he blamed himself for years before realizing that Claire took advantage of him. Claire shows contrition and apologizes multiple times for violating her role as an educator, and reveals that people still judge her for what happened with him, but Eric tells her that she is being self centered. Standing up, he says they both have to live with what happened, and then abruptly leaves the restaurant despite her attempt to stop him.

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